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The preferred method of communication is email because it creates a chain documenting any service we have a request for and any actions we take to satisfy your needs.

Our Email:

The next preferred method is to send us a text at the office phone number for the same reasons, and we can respond faster.

Office Phone: 269-409-1017

Obviously, you can call that number, but it is not a preferred method of communication. When your call is answered and you are prompted to give your name for the pass through, the phone here hasn’t rung yet. This may make for a long wait before you can talk to someone, for which we apologize.

We also have a personal and business presence on Facebook.

Company news and statements will often be posted on Facebook long before a post for the web site or video can be generated. It also provides an easy way to refer (share) Red Bud EX101, LLC with yor family and friends. You should also approach us via Facebook to cross promote our businesses if you are a vendor or real estate investor, broker or agent.

Facebook Name: RBEX Statzer
Facebook Company Page: Red Bud EX101 FaceBook Business Profile: Red Bud EX101, LLC

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