All About Red Bud EX101, LLC

A Message from Jim, the President,

  Red Bud EX101, LLC was formed last November to be the real estate investing arm of Red Bud Inn, Inc. in Buchanan, Michigan. The primary purpose is to market for and otherwise seek and acquire new houses to rent rooms in using Air B&B’s mobile app.

Let us take this broken home and make it healthy again
A Broken Home is a Sad Thing in a Community

  The second purpose is to seek properties for investment purposes. We want houses that are priced under 70% of ARV (After Repaired Value) which can be put back on the market for sale. While it is good to restore a home to it’s prime condition, especially historic houses that can achieve their original glory, it is usually too expensive to do without being priced at much less than 50% ARV. We also seek to renovate abandoned and non-performing houses and restore them as functioning homes to aid in Michigan’s economic recovery.

  So the focus of the sale is to target the rent-to-own buyers market. This is especially pleasing because it allows hard working families to buy a good home when the banks refuse to lend at the time in their lives that they most need to buy. In that way we prefer to help deserving 1st and 2nd time buyers to live the American Dream. For those buyers we also offer extensive credit repair counseling and have special partners ready to work with borrowers who show a good payment history for a year. There is also the possibility to team up with us to refinance a finished project home and take over the loan with a purchase subject to assuming title along with the entire loan after a period of splitting the lending expense.

  If you would like to sell or buy a property under these terms you should send an email to me  HERE 

Would You LIKE A Great Place To Stay
Would You LIKE A Great Place To Stay

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