Save Electricity – LED lighting installed into a tile shower surround ceiling

LED’s Integrated Into Glass Tile For Lighting A Shower
LED installed in glass and ceramic tileClick To See video

If you like LED light and other green technology applications you have found a great place to get these energy saving upgrades. I will be posting again for the end of this bathroom remodeling project. Follow these posts because they end with the sale of the property. Anyone looking to move to Omaha, Nebraska should be there to get this piece of a advancing divided street enclave.
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Green Technology Rehab Project:



The energy and replacement costs are amazing. Reliability is superior, if an LED works the first time -it’ll work the next 50,000 times. You will not use much wattage for lighting so it is safer for your home wiring because it will generate far less heat. This saves on air conditioning. Look at how much less energy LED’s use and how much you would save over the life of one installation.
LED Light Savings ChartArchitects and interior designers are installing LED strip lights into residential, commercial, and industrial projects at an increasing rate.


Light frequency bands for tinits of white light
Light Emitting Diode Upper Color Spectrum Expressed As Temperature

The way to measure light intensity is in lumens. The color tint is designated by CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) which is the color temperature of light. We call it a temperature because light is like heat in the way that it radiates. It’s measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The temperature rating directly affects the look and brightness of the white light in a range from cooler to warmer white. For instance, a light source that has a 2000 – 3000 K rating appears as, what we call, warm white light. Warm white light looks very golden to yellow. It is similar to fireplace light. By increasing temperature to higher degrees Kelvin, the color will change from yellow to yellowish white to white and then a bluish white (which is the coolest white as the color rises to ultraviolet).

The yellow shades are suitable for mood lighting and should also be installed with dimmer switches for full effect. You can put them in a den, living room, bedroom theater room or stairway and hall. In other instances like kitchen, dining room or bathroom installations, you want to maximize visibility.o there you want to use a brighter, purer LED. Light colors at the top of this range are called bright white. Bright white has no yellowish tint to it. Although the varying temperatures have different names, it should not be confused with actual colors such as red, green, blue, or purple. CCT is specific to white light, meaning a full spectrum light not divided into color bands as with a prism.

This should help you in your project design. So for un-dimmed illumination you shouldn’t use a white lower than 6000K. You need that extra brilliance to get the best results. Also remember that any spectrum color LED operates at a CCT much lower than the lowest white. Therefore it will have less energy for brightness. We can compensate for this somewhat by raising the current and using many more lights. You must be able to decide on a cost to design trade off. Now you know what to tell your contractor based on your design goals.

See how we install LEDs with tile in our YouTube Video 

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We take you through the startup, drywall, tile-setting and LED installation using glass tiles as the medium that carries the illumination.

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