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Buchanan, MI great big house in a great neighborhood!

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Experts at Suburban (and Rural) Renewal for SW Michigan and NW Indiana
Red Bud EX101, LLC

Hi there homeowners!

Are you in a bad situation but don’t want to be
taken advantage of by the


Red Bud EX101, LLC restores old properties
Classic SW Michigan Farm Housestead

A COMMUNITY FOCUSED real estate investor.

We’re actively investing mostly in SW Michigan and NW Indiana.
But we will look at properties further out in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio.

Our bottom line always considers what is best for the common good.
   You don’t have to throw good money after a bad house or a failing mortgage!

Let us show you that we deserve your trust- because one never knows when the
financial pressures of home ownership become a burden and require a skilled helping hand.
This form is a discrete way to let us know you want aid


Red Bud EX101, LLC buys houses for fix and flip deals.
We sell homes retail and rent to own.
We also buy and sell property contracts.

Contact us with a house you want to sell.
We can quickly tell you if you should:
Sell it at current condition value
Fix and list it
or Fix and rent it

Let us make an offer on your home

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