Optimus 700W Oil-Filled Mini Space Heater

Optimus Oil Filled Radiator Heater, H-6003A

Optimus makes good quality electric heaters for a variety of applications.
H-6003A, 700W, Model YL-B12-7
You , or at least I, couldn’t find these in the usual stores. So I ordered one online with my vendor account. Of course, anything I get sent in the mail for my company is going to get at least an unboxing vid.

Putting them to use

700w draws 5-6 Amps with a power surge when the heating element starts warming up. Most house circuit breakers in the USA are labeled in the breaker box as 25 Amp and 30 Amp. These are common to room by room or areas covered by each circuit supplying the wall outlets.
So by rounding up to 6 Amps per Optimus we can figure how many you can put on a circuit together (assuming no overhead lights or needed appliances)
The max possible number would be… 25/ 6 = 4.2 or 4 heaters 30/ 6 = 5 heaters. Then subtract 1 if there are overhead lights, and more depending on how much current (Wattage/120Volts) is being used.
Some heaters go down to 300Watts but oil filled have a minimum of 600Watts and go up to 900, 1200, 1600 Watts.
In comparison to most radiator style space heaters, you would only be able to run 2 heaters at 1600 Watts on one outlet circuit. If they can be close enough, try putting all your power draws for a circuit on one 25 Amp power strip to avoid running to the fuse box.
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