Ryobi Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


See A Ryobi RY40181 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
Unboxed and Reviewed

This video is about the Ryobi Cordless Electric Lawn Mower. How to operate it with a good demonstration of it’s abilities.

Ryobi 40volt 20in Electric Lawn Mower -battery powered cordless

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Red Bud Inn Inc. needed a new lawn mower. Since we are a green tech integrating business we chose to buy an electric style cutter.
The question was: how to mow the lawn without polluting?
Are there good electric lawn mowers available locally?
My answer was at Home Depot using my SupplyWorks account. For $320.00 I purchased this cordless electric mower. This unit, Ryobi RY40181, is a 40 Volt brushless motor with a 20 inch; blade.
I would suggest you get a high quality blade to save energy. The blade that comes with it is pretty basic.
It comes with a single 40v, 5 ah (Amp/hours) battery. I think it should have come with 2 batteries and a cord adapter option.
You will want to buy at least 2 additional batteries and maybe a other charger to keep working all day.


Here’s a follow up video about the Riobi Cordless Electric Mower
In this video I document these things: A charged Battery that has sat around over a month will probably need to be put on the charger for a half hour top off then battery. Wet grass and leaves uses more energy than dry grass. The grass must be 2.5 in. long before the leaves on top will go into the collection bag well. What doesn’t go into the bag gets mulched to 1 in. or smaller bits.
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Buy this model now at https://amzn.to/2tQZx99
Buy a smaller competitive one at https://amzn.to/2Nndaou
Or go for comfort when you buy an electric Riding Mower! Here at https://amzn.to/2KHjHJ8
BUT SERIOUSLY: You’ll want to find extra batteries shipped next day.
Ryobi electric mowers use 40v 5aH lithium battery

How Long Does It Run On One Charge?

Watch this video of the battery power test,

In this video I go over the charge, mowing, recharging cycle and determine just how long the mower will run on one battery fully charged battery. Then I show how long it takes to fully charge the lithium ion 40v battery from dead empty to full. What I found was there’s a 2.5 ratio of charge time to maximum running time. I did this by letting the electric lawn mower run without any grass cutting resistance until the motor shut down for lack of power. Then I recharge to full again. All done recording the time with a clock in the video.
Ryobi RY40181 Cordless 40v 5 aHr 20 inch blade
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