Dodge Caravan Sport Edition -SOLD

Minivan for Sale in Buchanan, MI
Dodge Caravan Sport 2002
This Has Been Sold

keep cool in car this summer accessories
Keep cool in the car this summer Economy Beaded Car Seat Cover lets sweat dry off your clothes

This is reliable family vehicle. The body is in fair condition. Motor runs good and the accessories work.

Minivan has 3.3L V6 engine

AM/FM Tape CD player

2 adjustable back bench seats

comfort in the car avoid hot seats
Premium Beaded Seat Cover has larger beads and classic style design


Call now to buy before it’s gone!


Driver’s view – console accessories

Room for the whole family – upholstery is undamaged
A bit of rust skirt starting under the passenger door
A bit of rust on the door handle well and starting along the bottom. Still a minor problem
Motor is clean with little rust or oil showing

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