SOLD 2002 Buick LeSabre Engine and Transmission Details

3800cc Buick Engine for sale in a car.

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These are the details for the 2002 Buick LeSabre that I’m selling as an engine/transmission or as a parts car. It is in a drivable car to make transporting it easier, but the rust and brake problems make this not useful as a car. So I’m not selling this as a used car.  

  • Engine is powerful 
  • New rear tires
  • New alternator
  • No oil or coolant leaks
  • New catalytic converter
  • AC unit works

See these photos of the engine. 3800cc 6 cylendar

Looking into the hood of 2002 buick lesabre for sale MI 49107
rust is on the body of the car, not the engine For sale Buick LeSabre engine transmission MI

Michigan 02 Buick LeSabre motor for sale
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02 Buick LeSabre engine transmission for sale Michigan 2002 Buick LeSabre engine transmission for sale Michigan

Buick LeSabre engine transmission for sale Michigan
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The engine started losing power and when I took it to CarX they discovered that the catalytic converter had been 90% clogged with some kind of cleaning spray residue and gunk. The old one looked like it had been filled with orange paint. Basically, the engine couldn’t exhale. After the catalytic converter was replaced the engine roared back to life and has served very well in all driving conditions.

I must admit, I was skeptical about buying a Buick in the first place. I prefer Oldsmobiles and will always remember how the Buick Skylark was their cheesy knock-off of the Olds Cutlass or Chevy Malibu. A weak attempt at the muscle car market of the 1970’s. Lots of Skylarks still survive, grill intact, because they came with front disc brakes. Cutlasses that came with front drum brakes are easy to spot by their front end collision damage. Also, skylark buyers may have been a less adventurous type?

This Buick LeSabre’s Story

So I had a strong bias against it. But when I took this baby on a road trip I found it to be not just very comfortable, but well featured. The stereo, and cruise control are available on the wheel and in easy to reach locations. The power seats work. the stereo is AM FM Tape with good speakers.

The air conditioning and heat are set on the dash by variable temp and vent controls. Still intuitive enough to use even with their lights partially burned out/ There are minor idiosyncrasies with the various features with the rear driver side window needs a new motor and the headliner is separated and sagging. I was 50/50 on whether I should do additional welding for frame support and replace the front calipers, which are rusty and failing.

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