Cogo Capital is on its Funding Tour in Indianapolis

Cogo Capital and Secured Investment Corp provide funding for real estate deals of all kinds. Transactional, refinance, hard money -all from private money lenders and hedge funds.

private money loans for fix and flip or buy and hold

The Cogo Capital Funding Tour has come to Crown Plaza hotel in Indianapolis and Red Bud EX101, LLC is there to participate. Bussing for dollar$ tomorrow, should be fun!

Get funding for your fix and flip deals from Cogo Capital.
Get REI training and Private Money Broker training with the
Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing 

Some houses need a little work that the owner can’t afford



Day two of the Indianapolis stop on the Funding Tour…

Meeting Lee Arnold’s Business building Staff
 at the Lee Arnold REI System Funding Tour Indianapolis June 2017

Day Three with Cameron Dunlap REI Automation Systems and the Bus Tour To Go Indy Area House Prospecting
Cameron Dunlap is the creator of REI systems designed for his own use first but now available to us too.

Cameron and Me

Real Estate Offer Generator, No Fee Transactional Funding, iFlip, Cash Buyer Data Feed, Vacant House Data Feed, amd many other useful resources.

If you have a chance to go to one near you, you really should go to one of the Lee Arnold System Of Real Estate Investing events.

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  1. I hired Red Bud Ex to correct an almost impossibly botched bathroom in an century old house in a Section 8 neighborhood. Very happy so far. Will be posting up again when its done.

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