How To Get A Home Rent To Own

Rent To Own, or private owner financing is an increasingly popular way to have a roof over your head. Rent to own house shopping involves buying directly from the owner or investor that own the property.


How To Get A Home With Rent To Own

Do you know how to buy a home by Rent To Own, or private owner financing? It is an increasingly popular way to have a roof over your head. Rent to own house shopping involves buying directly from the owner or investor that own the property.

You have the advantage of totally bypassing banks. There will still be some similarities to conventional home buying. For example, the seller or rent-to-own broker will want your current credit score. This will not be so much of a barrier as it would be with a bank. With a bank the score is a gate-keeper for most but the least risky, higher income buyer. Then for  those who qualify, the lower end scores are an excuse to jack up the interest rate.

Here’s Help Getting Ready To Shop Rent 2 Own Houses

You can check and also track your credit scores from the 3 major credit reporting agencies here. There’s a demo period, but since it may take several tries over months to find the house deal you need, it’s worth keeping the service fora while. They also  protect your  identity from people who would use it to create fake credit accounts.

Check Your Credit –CLICK HERE

For non-bank transactions the credit score is used for these reasons. They want to verify your identity, what better way to know you have the right person than to look at their money relationships. Then they want to be sure you didn’t just come out of a bankruptcy or foreclosure. The advantage here is that no credit is not treated like bad credit. Certain court judgments or especially bad defaults can also be a factor in being denied. These can be removed with a credit repair service. These services are experts at challenging things on your credit that hurt your score. They can also help you build up your credit score before you ever approach a home seller.  The better your score the higher interest or down payment.

Free Credit Counseling Advice for anyone oppressed by debt. Know All Your Options.

Here’s A Popular Credit Repair Company –CLICK HERE

They handle every kind of consumer debt. Even student loan and car debt

Compare With This Credit Repair Company -CLICK HERE

It's better to use these guys for credit card debt. They will work with you when you have credit card accounts you don't want to close.
He can help improve your credit rating. Click here.

Or Try The DIY (Do It Yourself) Method

This is a way of repairing credit yourself, before shopping for  a rent to own home.

credit repair guide click here
Make your credit rating as good as gold! Click Now

Here's a credit repair guide that lets you be your own credit repair attorney.
So if you are willing to learn some laws and techniques,  you've come to the right place. Because with a few clicks, you are going to discover a step-by-step DIY guide. Learn how to quickly, easily, and inexpensively increase your FICO Score to 'mind-blowing' new levels. Not only that, you're also going to discover how settle your debts for pennies on the dollar.

Now that you have checked out your own credit status, you can proceed to  house shopping without any bad credit  surprises.

You will be in the best possible position to negotiate for all the house you need for the price and payment you want. It's so much better to know first than be shocked later with denials.

Use This National Database of Rent To Own Houses

Unboxing & Testing a Green Works Electric Pole Saw

Unboxing and Testing a Green Works Electric Pole Saw

This is the first of this video series about the Green Works Electric Pole Saw Model PSCS 06B00 where you see me unboxing and testing it out.

I love green tech products. I also needed a chainsaw badly. You can’t allow trees, especially fruiting trees, to grow branches that hang over your roof. I wanted an electric saw that was light weight enough to safely use while on my roof. This unit weighs 6 lb (2.8kg) which was the lowest weight for a chainsaw that was beefy enough to work on 4″ diameter branches.

This chainsaw was easy to assemble and operate. The only thing I didn’t get instructions for was disassembling the pole back to 3 sections. I’ll be sure to follow up on that point.

This is another product suggestion for property managers and real estate investors. Brought to you by Red Bud EX101, LLC

If you want one you can go to Tractor Supply Company stores or use the links below to get one delivered.
Here’s a package deal for all the components and no cord.
Greenworks 8 Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer Attachment 2.0 AH Battery Included PSPH40B210

Here’s the same item but battery powered instead of cord powered.
Greenworks PRO 80V 10” Brushless Cordless Polesaw, 2Ah Battery Included PS80L210

Here’s the pole saw that was unboxed and tested in this video. I prefer a corded to a battery powered version for cutting devices that need torque.
Greenworks 10″ 6 Amp Corded Chainsaw with Pole Saw Attachment PSCS06B00

Follow up to GreenWorks 10″ 6Amp Electric Pole Chainsaw

Demonstration of how it is used in chainsaw only mode.
GreenWorks 10″ 6Amp Electric Pole Chainsaw combo Model PSCS006B00


A service of

Ryobi Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


See A Ryobi RY40181 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
Unboxed and Reviewed

This video is about the Ryobi Cordless Electric Lawn Mower. How to operate it with a good demonstration of it’s abilities.

Ryobi 40volt 20in Electric Lawn Mower -battery powered cordless

Ryobi electric mower cordlessClick to Watch

Red Bud Inn Inc. needed a new lawn mower. Since we are a green tech integrating business we chose to buy an electric style cutter.
The question was: how to mow the lawn without polluting?
Are there good electric lawn mowers available locally?
My answer was at Home Depot using my SupplyWorks account. For $320.00 I purchased this cordless electric mower. This unit, Ryobi RY40181, is a 40 Volt brushless motor with a 20 inch; blade.
I would suggest you get a high quality blade to save energy. The blade that comes with it is pretty basic.
It comes with a single 40v, 5 ah (Amp/hours) battery. I think it should have come with 2 batteries and a cord adapter option.
You will want to buy at least 2 additional batteries and maybe a other charger to keep working all day.


Here’s a follow up video about the Riobi Cordless Electric Mower
In this video I document these things: A charged Battery that has sat around over a month will probably need to be put on the charger for a half hour top off then battery. Wet grass and leaves uses more energy than dry grass. The grass must be 2.5 in. long before the leaves on top will go into the collection bag well. What doesn’t go into the bag gets mulched to 1 in. or smaller bits.
Also for property management
Buy this model now at
Buy a smaller competitive one at
Buy an electric Riding Mower! Here at
BUT SERIOUSLY: You’ll want to find extra batteries shipped next day.
Ryobi electric mowers use 40v 5aH lithium battery

How Long Does It Run On One Charge?

Watch this video of the battery power test,

In this video I go over the charge, mowing, recharging cycle and determine just how long the mower will run on one battery fully charged battery. Then I show how long it takes to fully charge the lithium ion 40v battery from dead empty to full. What I found was there’s a 2.5 ratio of charge time to maximum running time. I did this by letting the electric lawn mower run without any grass cutting resistance until the motor shut down for lack of power. Then I recharge to full again. All done recording the time with a clock in the video.
Ryobi RY40181 Cordless 40v 5 aHr 20 inch blade
This review is brought to you by
Red Bud Inn, Inc. Find us on facebook…

Buchanan, MI Wholesale Deal

Get Outta’ Town!

Edge of  town located cozy 2 bed is great for downsizing your living expenses or a starter home with a baby’s room too.

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Green Technology for your houseHere’s a movie of one of our projects being installed
LED lights integrated into a shower surround with glass tile


Would You LIKE A Great Place To Stay
Would You LIKE A Great Place To Stay

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Save Electricity – LED lighting installed into a tile shower surround ceiling

LED’s Integrated Into Glass Tile For Lighting A Shower
LED installed in glass and ceramic tileClick To See video

If you like LED light and other green technology applications you have found a great place to get these energy saving upgrades. I will be posting again for the end of this bathroom remodeling project. Follow these posts because they end with the sale of the property. Anyone looking to move to Omaha, Nebraska should be there to get this piece of a advancing divided street enclave.
Red Bud EX101 can also provide investor financing!

Green Technology Rehab Project:



The energy and replacement costs are amazing. Reliability is superior, if an LED works the first time -it’ll work the next 50,000 times. You will not use much wattage for lighting so it is safer for your home wiring because it will generate far less heat. This saves on air conditioning. Look at how much less energy LED’s use and how much you would save over the life of one installation.
LED Light Savings ChartArchitects and interior designers are installing LED strip lights into residential, commercial, and industrial projects at an increasing rate.


Light frequency bands for tinits of white light
Light Emitting Diode Upper Color Spectrum Expressed As Temperature

The way to measure light intensity is in lumens. The color tint is designated by CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) which is the color temperature of light. We call it a temperature because light is like heat in the way that it radiates. It’s measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The temperature rating directly affects the look and brightness of the white light in a range from cooler to warmer white. For instance, a light source that has a 2000 – 3000 K rating appears as, what we call, warm white light. Warm white light looks very golden to yellow. It is similar to fireplace light. By increasing temperature to higher degrees Kelvin, the color will change from yellow to yellowish white to white and then a bluish white (which is the coolest white as the color rises to ultraviolet).

The yellow shades are suitable for mood lighting and should also be installed with dimmer switches for full effect. You can put them in a den, living room, bedroom theater room or stairway and hall. In other instances like kitchen, dining room or bathroom installations, you want to maximize visibility.o there you want to use a brighter, purer LED. Light colors at the top of this range are called bright white. Bright white has no yellowish tint to it. Although the varying temperatures have different names, it should not be confused with actual colors such as red, green, blue, or purple. CCT is specific to white light, meaning a full spectrum light not divided into color bands as with a prism.

This should help you in your project design. So for un-dimmed illumination you shouldn’t use a white lower than 6000K. You need that extra brilliance to get the best results. Also remember that any spectrum color LED operates at a CCT much lower than the lowest white. Therefore it will have less energy for brightness. We can compensate for this somewhat by raising the current and using many more lights. You must be able to decide on a cost to design trade off. Now you know what to tell your contractor based on your design goals.

See how we install LEDs with tile in our YouTube Video 

RED BUD EX101, LLC video vids clips

We take you through the startup, drywall, tile-setting and LED installation using glass tiles as the medium that carries the illumination.

Buchanan, MI great big house in a great neighborhood!
This house is available for $63,000 which is 75% under retail price after $50,000 of rehab.

Red Bud EX101, LLC
Is Always Looking For Leads

for distressed homeowners who are ready to sell and move on.  We will buy all cash, cash and carry back, or land contract.

Do You Need To Sell Your House Fast – Contact Red BudEX101, LLC Now

Experts at Suburban (and Rural) Renewal in the Michiana area
Red Bud EX101, LLC

We are always looking for new renovation projects.
Also wanting to help homeowners sell a home they can’t manage anymore.
Are you in a bad situation but don’t want to be taken advantage of by the

real estate investor.

  Our bottom line always considers
what is best for the common good.

Red Bud EX101, LLC restores old properties
Classic SW Michigan Farm House

You don’t have to throw away
good money after a bad house
or a failing mortgage!

If not you then maybe it’s your neighbor next door or down the block. Has someone moved out suddenly? Was there an estate sale or someone desperately selling all they can with a garage sale. Maybe there was an illness, death or divorce? Or maybe an elderly couple or widow who are tired of the seasonal upkeep and just want to downsize and get a smaller home to move into but are stuck.
We will try to help in these cases and many others. It doesn’t always mean buying the house but sometimes helping to stay or helping to sell.

We are always here to serve.
House value report request


Wholesale contracts for assignment to responsible rehabbers and investors.

Buchanan, MI great big house in a great neighborhood!

This house is available for $63,000 which is 75% under retail price after $50,000 of rehab. It has 2 full baths and 6 bedrooms or 5 bedrooms upstairs and an office. Spacious 19′ x 31′ living room. Lots of turn of the century detail in this classic Michigan Dutch Colonial house that towers over town atop a hill.

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